Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lizbeth's Garden Interview

Recently I was able to catch up with a fellow Etsy DTeamer, Lizbeth's Garden and found out just how busy this lady is! It's amazing all the things she does. Please read on.

Who is the woman behind Lizbeth's Garden?
    I am in my early thirties, living in Idaho, and staying at home with my children. I started Lizbeth's Garden as a way of sharing the things I make with a wider audience. I also write, and garden. You can find some of the flowers from my garden in my store, as potpourri and pressed flowers, along with my tassels.

Is it true you are writing Dragon Land:The Novel and The Cabin? What are they about?
    Yes, it is true. Dragon Land is about an empire on a fictional planet, with humans, farming dragons, and winged hive women. The main story is about a woman who wants to challenge the empire, and in order to create a base from which to do so, has drugged a clan of dragons. A young dragon is trying to rescue her family with the help of a young human woman and the son of the local envoy from the empire.

    The Cabin is about a young woman from Los Angeles, California, and the adventures she has when she inherits her grandmother's cabin in northern Montana.
So that must mean you are a reader too. What do you enjoy reading?
     I'll read just about anything that isn't bloody or gruesome. I especially enjoy mystery novels, historical fiction, and contemporary fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Charles De Lint, Maeve Binchy, and Rita Mae Brown. I recently discovered Rebecca Shaw, who writes fiction about a tiny village in Britain.

And you find time to do that and create tassels? Wow! That really keeps you busy. What's your secret to relaxing?
    Writing is my relaxation. If I spend a few minutes spinning words into a poem or story, I feel calm and ready to get on with the day. Also, every once in a while, I ignore my to-do list, sit down, and read.

Tell me, what inspire your creations?
    I am inspired by the colors I see in my garden, the changing seasons, and the beads I find in the wonderful store where I buy my beads. Usually I buy with a specific idea in mind, but sometimes I see beads so beautiful I buy them just to create a tassel for them.

Do you work with the customer's ideas and customize?
    Yes, I will. I will make a tassel in any color or with particular beads, upon request. I can also change the topper on an already created tassel, so an ornament can become a keychain, or a fan pull.

What sizes do your tassels come in?
    1 inch, 2 inch, and 4 inch.

What's in the future for Lizbeth's Garden?
    I am going to be focusing a lot more on beaded tassel keychains and ornaments. Everybody loves the keychains because they are a little piece of art for your pocket or your hand. The ornaments add sparkle to a Christmas tree.

    Also, look for more flower products in the future. I'm going to be offering lavender potpourri soon (in addition to roses and geraniums), more pressed flowers, and note cards with pounded flowers. Pounding flowers is a technique to hammer flowers onto paper or cloth. They are very pretty. Springtime will bring bouquets of dried flowers. I use only flowers I grow myself, so the flower products are more seasonal than my other items.

You are such a fascinating woman. Thank you for sharing your time with us. One last thing: Where can we find out more about your writing and purchase your beautiful tassels?
    Thank you, it has been a pleasure sharing a little bit about myself and my store. My writing is on my blog, Lizbeth's Garden,
    My beaded tassels and other crafts are available in my Etsy store,
    You can also find me on Facebook at

Lizbeth's Garden is one of my Etsy friends that will take part in the Thanksgiving Sale that the DTeam is sponsoring in November. But don't wait til then to stop by and say "hi" to her.

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