Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girls vs. Boys

My six year old daughter. Her life is in such turmoil! lol! Not trying to belittle her woes but it's so refreshing to have problems you can see resolutions for. It's not I want to fix things for her but to enlighten her to the possibilities.

See, little M is a tomboy. Serious tomboy. She plays with nerf swords, loves power rangers, and enjoys being the heroine as opposed to the damsel in distress and digs playing basketball, softball and soccer. Shoot for Christmas, she's getting a go-kart to run around the track that her daddy recently made for her.

So, now she's in 1st grade and the kids are just now realizing the difference between boys and girls. She wants to hang with the boys but they are telling her no because she's a girl. She came home recently wishing she could be a boy. I asked why and she said because they play guitar better and they can make things like Daddy does.

Whoa, what?

As you can guess, it's now my personal mission to make my daughter understand the value she had being female. I'm trying to think of women of worth, mentors for her to see to understand what her capabilites are.

First off, Danica Patrick came to mind. Then Orianthi, she's awesome to watch. And so is Jennifer Batten. But the female mechanic/technician. Hmmm, that's a hard one. Paige Hemmis? She's on Extreme Makeover but does she weld? No, but Jessi Combs does!

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