Washing Instructions

How to Wash Designing Impressions’ Character Hats

Fill a plastic tub, sink or large bowl with cold water. The acrylic yarn won’t shrink, fade or displace colors so there is no need for warmer water unless you have stains that require it. You only need enough space to keep the hats submerged.

Mix in a mild detergent. Stir the detergent in using a plastic spoon until it is completely dissolved. If you do not, it is possible that bits of powdered detergent will stick to the fiber and will be hard to remove.

Soak the entire hat. Testing for colorfastness is unnecessary for the character hats you purchase from Designing Impressions. For other brands, please do a dip check before submerging the whole hat. For a light or average cleaning, you only need to soak the hat for about 30 minutes. If there is mud caked on the hat, soak for about 30 minutes and then change the water following step 1 and 2. It may take an overnight soak to remove all the dirt. For more stubborn stains, you may need to pretreat the area with your favorite spot remover It may take an overnight soak to remove all the dirt.

Rinse the hat. Remove the hat from the wash water and rinse with cold water to get all of the detergent out. For best results, run water over it from the tap. Continue rinsing until there are no more soap bubbles. It should not feel sticky.

Lay hat on a dry towel. Use an oversized towel or two smaller towels. If you use a larger towel, place approximately 15 inches from the short end, fold over the end, and roll to further end. If you use two smaller towels, place in center and lay second towel on top. Roll towels from one small end to the other. Apply pressure to the towel roll to squeeze out the water. I prefer to stand on the roll for a few minutes.

Allow the hat to air dry. Unroll and place the hat on a dry towel. Choose a location that gets good air circulation. Lay it out flat and reshape it so that it returns to its original shape. You can speed the process up with an electric fan nearby on low.

Original instructions for washing a hat is from http://www.wikihow.com/Wash-a-Hat

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