Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Treasuries in Rainbow of Colors

Great gift ideas in an array of colors.





Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cosmic Hippo Knows Leather!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Cosmic Hippo Designs. Glenda Ganis is the owner/designer and she has wonderful creations to jazz up your wardrobe! You can find Cosmic Hippo Designs on:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camera Charms and Zipper Pulls

Personalize your property with these adorable charms. Use them to know at a glance that it's yours. Use them on cellphones, cameras, jackets and bags. Each one is $3 each. There's $2.25 shipping for the first item. Each additional charm qualifies for free shipping. Kids love these and they make great stocking stuffers.
Each one is comes with your choice of attachments. Lobster clasps for small zippers. Clips for your backpack size zippers, cell phone/camera lanyards and key rings

You can see more in my Charm section on Etsy.

Don't forget my flower brooches on Etsy.

All of my necklaces, earrings and bracelets are on sale 30-45% til the end of December. Don't miss out!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So what's up with all the flowers?

I mean its Christmas and we're not in Australia. So why the flowers?

When I was at the NC Farmers Market Craft Fair, I ran out! Simple as that. People were so interested in them and my other crochet /fiberart items that it became a turning point for me. But I'm not just doing brooches. I've done 3 necklaces so far.

I'm holding back from placing this on Etsy. I have a small show to go to tomorrow night and they just might find new homes. If not, you'll see them on Etsy this weekend.

I've got many more color schemes with and without flowers to come, too, so keep watch!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Charmed to meet Finding Charm

This weeks Featured Artisan is Finding Charm. You can find Finding Charm on:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where have I been?

Yep, I delved into the crafting craftiness and came up with some goodies for all to see!

Sonnet 44 - Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
Plucked in the garden, all the summer through
And winter, and it seemed as if they grew
In this close room, nor missed the sun and showers.
So, in the like name of that love of ours,
Take back these thoughts which here unfolded too,
And which on warm and cold days I withdrew
From my heart's ground. Indeed, those beds and bowers
Be overgrown with bitter weeds and rue,
And wait thy weeding; yet here's eglantine,
Here 's ivy!—take them, as I used to do
Thy fowers, and keep them where they shall not pine.
Instruct thine eyes to keep their colors true,
And tell thy soul their roots are left in mine.

Lovely fresh picked flower from fantasy fields. Crocheted with care this flower is handcrafted to last for years to come. And just like real flowers, no two are alike.
Embellish your coat or hat. Use it to accent your belt, boots, purse or backpack. Give the hem of your plain-jane skirt a boost or update a shirt. Secure your scarf or shawl in place. Attach to a headband or clip for hair flair. Decorate your home by fastening to pillows, napkins, lamp shades, place mats, or napkin holders. The possibilities are endless so use your imagination.

Each flower petal set is made separately then sewn together and glued with Aleene’s OK to Wash-It fabric glue. The leaves are also glued and sewn in the same fashion. A pin is sewn with upholstery thread onto a felt circle then glued and sewn onto the back of the flower. This ensures that if the flower ever needs to be cleaned it won’t fall apart. You can hand wash it and hand shape the flowers while it dries.

I have listed many of these on my Facebook SHOP NOW tab and others on Etsy. They are $10 each plus free shipping.
Please come by and enjoy.
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