Monday, January 31, 2011

The Guild of Good Luck Owls

The Guild of Good Luck Owls was established in 1845 but only recently surfaced in the human world. Goodwill, compassion, knowledge and the love of a good time bring owls from all over the world to the institution. The owls have free reign to follow their passions with the Guild giving them well rounded coursework. Each owl must pass several levels of training including literature and sports & fitness before they are allowed the opportunity for adoption into a human family.

This past year Early American writers and Latin dancing were the study highlights for many owls. Owls enjoyed reading highlights from books from the likes of W.E.B. DuBois and Mark Twain. Afterwards, discussions and reenactments were used to create a better understanding of the pleasures and hardships of past generations. In dancing, we were delighted with the addition of Polly Abdul to our staff. Polly hails from Puerto Rico and draws on her experience of dancing as an owlet to teach our owls. Her specialties were the Salsa and Bolero dance.

We would like to introduce our owls to you. Here are a few who recently became eligible for adoption. They work well as zipper pulls on backpacks and they keep your keys handy, too.


Taffy is your go to girl
 Taffy comes from a long line of owls that have joined the Guild. Her family was very excited about her acceptance and so was the Guild. Like her name, Taffy is a very sweet owl that is a favorite with children. Candy making and social science were some of her favorite classes. Mark Twain is high on her list of must-reads and like Mr. Twain, Taffy loves to scrapbook too. She may come across as shy and quiet but once you spend time around Taffy you’ll find that her passions will rub off on you.

He's a cutie girls, watch out!

A dashing young owl, Errol has captured many a girl’s heart especially when he’s wearing his Aragorn outfit. Errol loves live action gaming and frequently shows up at local fairs with a small group minstrelling and impromptu swordplay. Others in the Guild of Good Luck Owls believe that he is the reincarnation of his namesake, the swashbuckler, Errol Flynn. Once, after a night of Jameson on the rocks, he was found suspended in the main hall of the Guild hanging from silken sashes.


Ezra is getting ready for March Madness
 Ezra loves sports. When the Guild tried to pin him down on one, he wouldn’t say. You can always find him on the court or in the field playing ball. A good day for Ezra is one where he can enjoy a hotdog with a cold brew watching a game from midcourt or behind the dugout. If he can’t get to the game, you’ll find him watching one on a plasma at a local sports bar where he’ll talk to anyone about the stats of the local teams and the players. Easy going and fun to be with, Ezra has brought much joy to the Guild.

You can find these owls and their friends on Etsy now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This weeks Featured Artisan is Diane's Dangles! Diane has wonderful creations for you to see in her shops. Not only does Diane creation true treasures she is dedicated to promoting her fellow artisans which is a wonderfully kind act! You can find Diane's Dangles on:
Daine also has a 2nd shop on Artfire called BeadSouk... take a peek there too!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lovely Jewelry from Zur Designs

This weeks Featured Artisan is Zur Designs... Beautiful collection of handcrafted jewelry just
waiting for you! Truly unique designs by a very talented lady!

You can find Zur Designs on:

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