Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi-O Va-ca-ti-on!

Does anyone remember that skit from the (original) Electric Company? The word detective walks in a store with a sign saying "I'm on Vacation". After studying the word a bit it starts acting he's riding a horse and does a lone range inmpression.

Simple minds = simple pleasures. 

Well, that's where I've been recently and it was great! My husband was finally able to destress by the 2nd afternoon and started wisecracking jokes.

Now, I feel refreshed and it's time to start on some new ideas.  Think I'm going to get out the ol' Husqvarna sewing machine (a great brand BTW) and start making more batik strips to crochet with. As always, though, I have about 5 different ideas swirling around. We'll just see what I lay my hands on next. (insert manic laugh here)

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