Thursday, July 8, 2010

Delving into my goth side

When I was a teenager everyone thought I was weird. I dressed in black and had my hair as spiked as I could get by with my mother around. I wore black eye liner and dark blood red lipstick. Used talcum on my face and the shadow as blush as well as on my eyes.
I thought Robert Smith was hawt
and Adam Ant was hawter
 and Souixsie gave me fashion pointers.

No one knew who these people were. They were (mostly) into Duran Duran and KISS unmasked. When was this? A long time ago. (1984) I didn't know what goth was. I was the only one in my school. I thought of myself as extreme new wave with a bit of punk thrown in.

I had to put all of that away when I went to work full time 3 days after my high school graduation. The black garb slowly morphed into casual business attire and I started buying clothes at TJ Maxx.


I've ciphered alot lately what is gothic because of the Mockingbird necklace. And now I am trying to grasp ahold of that freedom -and angst and create jewelry.  I used chains bought from the hardware store with safety pins as clasps. My favorite piece was a sterling silver dragon that I still have along with a battle ax. I wore them as earrings alot.

Tomorrow, I am visiting a local shop. I'm going to buy some skulls she has to expand my goth selection. I hope to have them posted soon. So, until then, I have this piece to share. It's made of black rainbow seed beads and rainbow flourite. I love that it looks black until you get close up to it.

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