Friday, May 7, 2010

Michael's Creative Mom Contest

Received an email from Michael's this week on the contest they are running for Creative Mom. I am biting at the bit on this one. Considering all I've done, it'd be silly for me not to try. Over the next couple of days I'm going to collect photos of what I've accomplished. Please, please check out the photos and if you like, vote for me! Thank you!

Sewing Costumes

One of the many great things about having a child is Halloween. Over the years, I have sewn costumes for her to wear.
I wish that this wasn't so blurry. She's going "Grrrr!"
The costume has a stuffed tail with magenta accents on the spikes.

Oh no!  It's the Poison Dart Frog Girl!
The eyes are painted plastic easter egg pieces (round end) and glued in place with Aileen's OK to Wash-It glue.

I cheated on this one a bit. The wings are store bought but they matched the skirt so well I couldn't pass it up.


This was a Christmas gift I did for my In-Laws. It was lots of fun. I've also made a slew of hats and scarves over the years that my family wears.

Handkercheif Curtains
Of course, no sewing compilation would be complete without curtains. I've made several curtains over the years. Here are the ones in the living room.
I had a collection of odd buttons that I used to create the details on the points of the curtain topper.

Hypertufa Creations

II've worked with hypertufa for a while and really enjoyed it. But found it too time consuming as actions had to be taken at certain times of hardness of the cement mixture. I had to plan a period of three days around the projects which is hard when you have a small child needing attention as well.

Several pieces were sold at Raleigh's Flea Market. I wish I had pictures of them as well. I'll have to see if I can dig up an old photo CD.

My Pond

I created this pond with the help of my husband and his stronger back. But you'd be impressed what can be done with a pick ax as a lever. Also in this picture you can see additional hypertufa pieces. One had a lantern perched on it and the other is a column.  My husband found he really likes these columns.  They are great for target practice. Kinda like stationary skeet. I hope he doesn't take this one for practice.  It's also the base of the bird bath that's pictured above.
I wanted a hidden way for the waterfall to start so I used hypertufa to create the two stones sandwiched between two real stones to raise the smaller one and create a hole.

This is a hypertufa pot which is set slightly into the water so I don't have to remember to water this plant. The plant tag said it liked staying wet and so far, so good.

Wall Effects and Murals

How can you take a picture of a hole in the wall bath? Dunno. I saw this effect on the Better Homes and Gardens website and recreated it here. The squares were creating using application tape that you use on vinyl lettered signs.  I found the blue painting tape was unforgiving on the previous layer but the ap tape worked well to give straight lines.


This is a view outside my front door.

I've always liked elephants. Originally tried to do this in watercolors but I royally screwed up the background.

Additional Things

This list is still incomplete. I have more murals to show that are in my home. And I'll need to see if I can find pictures of the ones I did elsewhere in homes and for businesses.

Also, more sewing items, more jewelry, and more thoughts about what it means to be creative. Are you creative based on store bought crafts or does it include creating things with what you have. Does interior design count? Does landscaping? Canning vegetables and making jams? Vegetable gardening? Raising chickens? If so, I am by no means done because I do all of these things and so much more. But most of all, my proudest creation is my daughter. She is my reason for being above all else. Teaching her and creating a citizen that will be able to stand on her own with her own free will and free thoughts gives me strength every day.

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