Thursday, May 20, 2010

Made some more jewelry

I went a little crazy making 21" necklace/bracelets. Found out recently that 21" was the "magic length". The piece can be wrapped 3 times around a standard wrist for a bracelet. I've made them in every color and style I could think of. There's a total of 26, I think. I count and make more then count and make more again.
It's been rainy the last few days very dreary. The chickens haven't like it at all. But today the sun might pop out. And if it gets bright enough, I can start taking pics of the new stuff and show em to ya. I really need to get a light box. I really need to get an addition to this house -or a new house to be able to have the space for a light box.
I've been thinking about the whole jewelry business. I had no idea just how many people do this on Etsy and it's tough. I love making the jewelry, no doubt. But the marketing part is just not me. I can do the meet and greet. I can set displays and talk. But to do that in the impersonal world of the net when there's thousands of others doing the same is a totally different world. I need a bullhorn. lol
To that end, I'm going to embark on going local. Wish me luck!

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