Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pussycat Ereader Case

This kitty cat case was really fun to create. So many other cases are dull and boring. I wanted to make one with a bit of flair, a bit os pizazz, something that says "Me-ow!" Perfect for the cat or animal lover.

This particular case is in royal blue with orange accents. Your's will be custom made with your color preferences. It can be made to look realistic or in bright red or green. I can also integrate fun fur into it for a fuzzy look. It's up to you.


What's color is your cat ereader?


  1. I really love this one. Vibrant and instantly draws the customer in. Great job once again!

  2. Thanks alot Fetesha. I really enjoyed making the case and not knowing how its going to turn out until it's done.


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