Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Should I Do? or, I Love Feedback!

2011 has been a busy one and there's no end in sight. There’s many wonderful craft shows and festivals in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC that I’ve been hopping from one to another. It’s been great meeting so many people and getting instant feedback about my products. I love feedback; whether its good or bad, feedback tells you what you are doing right and what needs to be changed.

I started out the season with just owls. When Easter came, there was an instant interest in bunny rabbit keychains. Once I had those two choices, I’ve had requests for other animals. Cats and dogs topped the list for great amigurumi keychains.

I also received requests for lots of spotted animals like giraffes and ladybugs. I’m still ciphering how to make these without any raising the prices. Every little extra thing takes more time and who wants to buy a $30 keychain? If you do, leave a comment and tell me so, I love feedback.

Lazy Daze Festival in Cary, NC is coming up in August. This is one of the biggest and best shows around. I’ve been accepted but I can only show fiber art items, not fiber art wearable. So no brooches and necklaces for Designing Impressions this year. That leaves just the keychains.

I have been playing with other fiber art items. They are toys I’ve made that are suitable for kids and adults.  They have no plastic pieces that can be chewed on or popped out. Plus the are small enough to keep in or on you desk at work and you can squeeze the life out of them when you’re stressed out.

For information about where I’ll be, you can check out my calendar that's now set up on the second page of this blog.

And if you like to get involved with what I should be making for Lazy Daze, I have a question on my Facebook page. Stop by and give you input. I love feedback. =)

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