Friday, April 8, 2011

Mad (Lib) Giveaway Time

I'm having a giveaway and would love for you to spread the word about it. One recipient will receive a gift certificate good for one amigurumi plushie. You can decide which owl, bunny or cat you'd like. These are great for your keys or backpack. Keep it for yourself or use as a gift!

All you need to do is offer some words. You don't have to travel to another site. You don't have to choose your favorite.

This is a homage to all those wonderful Mad-Libs that we played with when we were young(er). And, for those who like to cheat, you can find the story we're filling in if you look hard enough (on the 2nd page of this blog) but that would be cheating wouldn't it?

Here's what I need:
Active Verb
Time of Day or Year
Plural Noun
Sorry, I was never good at diagraming sentences. But, let the fun begin!

Enter as often as you wish. All entries will be used to create stories for the Guild of Good Luck Owls. One entry will be chosen randomly as the winner of one amigurumi plushie. If you would like to have your business name mentioned in the description as the creator of the story, please link me to your store.

This is not affiliated in any way with Mad-Libs. It's a fun way to get your kids excited about words. If you don't have a book, please stop by your local bookstore and purchase one.  Thank you!


  1. Name: Wolfgang
    Activity: turtle racing
    Active Verb: running
    Noun: Furby
    Time of Day or Year: Vernal Equinox
    Verb: dehydrate
    Verb: captivate
    Plural Noun: cats
    Verb: enlighten
    Location: Ireland
    Verb: communicate

    Jenny (BlackMagicStudio)

  2. Name Pee Wee
    Activity Racing
    Active Verb Sneezing
    Noun High chair
    Time of Day or year Break of dawn
    Verb jump
    verb roll
    Plural noun snakes
    Verb Smack
    Location New York City
    Verb dancing

    Denise Glamourpusscouture

  3. Name - Gertrude
    Activity - skinny dipping
    Active Verb - kissing
    Noun - tower
    Time of Day or Year - 1914
    Verb - pinch
    Verb - slither
    Plural Noun - chickens
    Verb - buy
    Location - bathroom
    Verb - sewing

    email - susanw81 at gmail dot com

  4. Name Mitzi
    Activity dancing
    Active Verb flirting
    Noun cocktail
    Time of Day or Year 1920s
    Verb run
    Verb shop
    Plural Noun flappers
    Verb hide
    Location a speakeasy in NYC
    Verb sing


  5. I'm not gonna cheat, but it's tempting to find out what it'd look like. BTW - kudos on such a wonderful giveaway idea!

    Name - Mortimer
    Activity - Yoga
    Active Verb - slinking
    Noun - bunny
    Time of Day or Year - suppertime
    Verb - saunter
    Verb - rock out
    Plural Noun - kumquats
    Verb - nibble
    Location - New Dehli
    Verb - dance

    Steph @ nerd JERK

  6. name - Guffy
    Activity - Riding
    Active Verb - lurking
    Noun - Rock
    Time of Day or Year - Sunrise
    Verb - laughed
    Verb - sing
    Plural Noun - lovebugs
    Verb - type
    Location - Taos, NM
    Verb - search


  7. Thank you everyone for joining in on the fun! I'm going to run it until Friday evening (Apr. 15)

  8. Name: Hilda
    Activity: Gardening
    Active Verb: Planting
    Noun: Lavender
    Time of Day or Year: Spring
    Verb: Loves
    Verb: Eats
    Plural Noun: Herbs
    Verb: Digs
    Location: In the garden
    Verb: Transplants

    lizbethsgarden (

  9. Name: Hortense
    Activity: making mud pies
    Active Verb: cartwheeling
    Noun: goat
    Time of Day or Year: midnight
    Verb: paint
    Verb: weld
    Plural Noun: grasshoppers
    Verb: fly
    Location: laundromat
    Verb: pounce

  10. Name: Fortescue
    Activity: Swabing
    Active Verb: darning
    Noun: plethora
    Time of Day or Year: 1795
    Verb: whip
    Verb: bites
    Plural Noun: regalia
    Verb: sneer
    Location: The dark side of the moon
    Verb: retort


  11. Looks like everyone is having a blast with his! Thanks for sharing my link to your owl!

  12. Name: Viola
    Activity: Gardening
    Active Verb: digging
    Noun: chicken
    Time of Day or Year: Fall
    Verb: travel
    Verb: swim
    Plural Noun: vegetables
    Verb: harvest
    Location: South of France
    Verb: vacation

    I finally did it:) that was challenging.... lol


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