Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rockabilly Red,...........with Polka Dots!

I saw these beads and I just had to get them. You know the deal. The addiction of the beading. It just grabs you and even though you have 10 million beads already you NEED these beads.

So, here they are:
Necklace is made from beads reminiscent of bakelite. The white beads are Czech in the front and size down to plastic and glass beads. Adjustable length but basically a choker.

Dangle earrings to match the above necklace on silver chain. Surgical steel ear posts.

These were alot of fun working with the wire to create a dangle and wrap in one.

I thought this kind of outfit and neckline would really work well with these pieces.
This great pictures is  deannadeadly* and found on deviantart.com.
*Mature pictures on profile, please check your filters if you are easily offended.

All of these will be available today on Etsy.  As I'm writing this it's 12:16am Tuesday. It's late and I have to get ready for my daughter's swim lesson tomorrow morning. Watch for my twitter announcing their availability. And tell a friend.


  1. I love these! Those dangle earrings are fabulous. I do completely understand the bead addiction. Only too well!

  2. Click on the Etsy widget on the left. These are on sale now!


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